The creators

Hi! I’m a Computer Science student based in Madrid, Spain. I started my crypto journey back in 2017 and I have been hooked to this space ever since. In this limited card collection we aim to capture the 100 most relevant and interesting events in the Bitcoin history. We hope you enjoy our artwork!

Hey there fellow chickens! I am a Software Engineer @ Amazon & in my free time, among other things, I study Bitcoin and its various applications. My favorite card? I cant make my mind but i would say either the whitepaper one, the one about the 10.000 BTC pizza or the one about Silkroad foundation. I really hope you guys cant make up your mind either.

I still remember the first time I saw a computer, it was an Atari 800XL, yep... that one with only 64K in RAM and 6502 microprocessor, Robotron was the first game that I tried and while my friends were struggling trying to kill enemies I was wondering how that machine was working, after that, the first language that I learned was Basic, but still Robotron was outside of my comprehension, now I can confidently say that I can program in assembler, create my own version of Robotron and even design a computer like the one I saw for the first time. Besides that I'm still learning and the cryptos world I'm convinced y the next big thing in human history, jump with us to this adventure and be part of the history.