+Why would I give you my money?

We are a group of enthusiastic cryptominers and traders that have been exploring the crypto field since june 2017 making a profit of aproximatelly 30% of our investment. You can check this out yourself here.

+Is it dangerous to invest in crypto?

If we didn´t know the potential that is behind blockchain technology, we would tell you it is. But we clearly see that Bitcoin has been declared "dead" 190 times, coming back even stronger each time. Check this out for more details.

+But then... will it ever stop its growth?

If we analyze Bitcoin with the Bass model, we would see that we are currently (2017-2018) in the "early adopters" phase. Bitcoin has had the curve of acumulative adoption that every innovation through history has had (Internet, Phone, Washing machine, Train...). Here a quick overview

+What is the minimum ammount needed to invest in cryptocurrencies with Axio?

The minimum ammount you should invest is proportional to how much you want to win.

+Can I loose all of my investment?

Yes you can, but chances say you are not likely to suffer such loss. The latest time cryptos fell abruptly(because of what Jamie Dimon said in September 2017) bitcoin fell about 30% being in 3200€ for some hours... but yes now Bitcoin value has been doubled again.

+Is my money only going to be used for buying Bitcoin?

No, we plan to diversify the risk with the two most solid cryptos in the market, ethereum and Bitcoin. Even though there are many oportunities of ICO´s out there where you can make 200% profit, we believe we do not need to invest in what are called "shitcoins".

+Are cryptos used for fraudulent activities?

Sure they are, so as Fiat money, such as US dollar or Euro. Responsibility relies on each individual.



    we strongly recommend investing >500€ to make it count

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